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George Richmond BSC

George Richmond has been working in the camera department for 30 years. As a Cinematographer he has been working in Feature Films for Directors Matthew Vaughn, David Yates, Shawn Levy, Dexter Fletcher and the late Michael Apted. As Camera Operator he had worked for Directors Steven Speilberg, Alfonso Cuaron. Oliver Stone, The Coen Brothers, and Woody Allen among others. He has learned the craft of Cinematography from some of the worlds greats - Emmanuel Lubezki, Dion BeeBe, Rodrigo Prieto, Janusz Kaminski, Vilmos Zsigmond as well as his father Anthony B. Richmond. As a Cinematographer he won Best Cinematography at Syracuse and Monaco Film Festivals for his first film ‘The Hide’ which was also nominated for the British Independent Film Awards.  He received a Nomination for 'Rocketman' at the Satellite Awards . George also received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 from the American Society of Operating Cameramen for his work on ‘Children of Men’ as well as an Advertising Craft Award for his work on Johnny Walker

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